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"I guess I could do without people. In fact, sometimes I’d rather be alone. I like to think. Yes, gee, man, I’m a thinker. I can really get lost thinking about my music. But then I think so much I have to get out among people again."Jimi Hendrix (via shortstackphotos)
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I spent all day doing this
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"Animals are here with us, not for us."

Jenny Brown, The Lucky Ones (via undiscoveredstory)

This has WAY too many notes because there’s no way these 72,000+ people are vegan. Everyone who reblogged this and isn’t vegan needs to carefully read what this says and then reevaluate their life and how they use and abuse animals (yes eating meat and dairy is abusing animals). Animals are here to share the earth with us and they have every right to live just like we do. Eating animals and their secretions, buying products tested on them, and using them as clothing and entertainment is animal cruelty and people need to wake up

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